Life Source of light

January 2022

It is common to think that the evocation of the internal light of a living being is a metaphor. However, Design Aglaé has taken the metaphor literally to design a serum that allows flowers to emerge with an unsuspected light. I had the privilege of photographing this incredible light that comes from inside the vegetable world.

To be granted access to this visual dimension of nature, to discover the composition of each flower in a different way: what a wonderful exploration!

Each flower reveals its character, sometimes animal, sometimes explosive, in a complete delicacy.

It is through these moments spent in the presence of each species that I saw how the light of each flower is revealed in the night.

Because it is only when it is dark that the light shines.

Sophie Hombert - Artsitic Partner

Graduating from the Beaux-Arts de Rennes in 2014, the designer conducts research on the useful role of plant and is interested in the phenomena of light as a new attribute.

The same year, she writes a thesis entitled «Plant Domestication» which will be published by European University Edi- tions (EUA).

She then works for design agencies, first in England and then in Lille.In 2016, she decides to create the start-up «Aglaé», based on an innovative technology of plant luminescence and which she is now the inventor.

In parallel since 2018, she becomes a lecturer and teaches design thinking as a new issue in business schools.

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