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Design Aglaé

The Vegetal Luminescence

At the frontier between Art and Science, this unique concept imagined by
Aglaé, sublimates the beauty of plants thanks to an eco-designed serum from its research laboratory.

which is absorbed by capillary action via the root system of plants, in order to mark their veins, without any genetic modification.

The invention unveils a new aesthetic, visible under black light (UV LED).

And also defends ecological values, with the ultimate goal of being able to light the cities of tomorrow… by the light of trees, without any source of electric lighting.

Galerie Evenementielle

The GE Club innovates in the field of corporate access to works of art

Club GE is dedicated to companies, commercial locations, and the liberal professions that are part of the European community.

Thanks to an economic and modular contribution in the Catalogues, the Members have the possibility to change the availability of the Collections every six months from 2.500€ to 15.000€, free shipping!

Club GE allocates to each of its Members a GE Account to which all payments are booked.
In other words, every payment is a saving!

And, to top it all off, when the Member’s GE Account reaches the value of one of the chosen Collections, he can afford it!

“Original, economical and advantageous”: this is the motto of the GE Club.

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