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A path to create
an existence


Visual Immersion


The why


Free to travel in fantastic worlds.

Born the 21 May 1985, in Paris, in a family of craftsmen. Charles Hamonnais is immediately immersed in a world that combines art and know-how.

He first turned to the sciences to discover the secrets of the world.
At the age of 18, he had the personal revelation that the discovery would not be made in the classical sciences but in the sciences of perception.

It was at this age that he began to photograph strange phenomena that appeared before him as magical moments.

He then began to search for the new visual dimension that could make visible a world that brings together reality, harmony and fiction.

Reality for the acceptance of the present,
Harmony to make the link and lay the foundations for the birth
Of a still Fictional future which necessarily will include aspects of our most beautiful dreams.
“For in the end, if we can photograph a dream, does it still remain a dream!”

Each theme addressed by Charles Hamonnais arouses a different interest in the viewer since:
“To live with the world is to live with the image we have of it”.

The photographic series proposed by the artist gravitate between dream and reality.

Acess to this new photographic dimension.

Come, come with me to discover what it is like to be free to travel in these fantastic worlds.

Visual Immersion

Photographic technique

Visual Immersion is a photographic technique that consists of creating our own perception of the virtual world to which each of us is overexposed on a daily basis. So I film what I photograph and mix the visual sources so that the worlds I shoot are always in the idea of bringing together dream and reality. It is a mode of active contemplation that gives the viewer the power to become an actor, to re-appropriate what he sees, to regain control. Through ” visual compression “, I regain my rights to intervene, to interfere, to intercept light, wherever it comes – from the sun to the screens.


I interpret, I explore, I discover, I think the world by looking at it through a screen.

Through movies I make, I go around the semi-imaginary worlds every day. I interpret, explore, discover and think the world by looking at it through a screen.

Since a screen is the interpretation of the world, I started to photograph it. It is a contemporary and banal gesture to photograph a screen that diffuses images, and to enjoy the result. I started to do it every day, with zeal and discipline.

It’s strange and fascinating: there is image inside the image. Worlds inside worlds. Realities in reality. An infinite source of images.

I have called “Visual Compression” the process by which I act on the world with my video camera and my photographic camera. I create my own perception of this virtual world to which we are all overexposed on a daily basis. Visual Compression is that banal gesture that gives me the power to become an actor of contemplation.

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